Winter at HRS 2021

When winter arrives at Holymoor Riding School the moors bring with it lots of snow and some days are very hard but the fun also continues too. When the roads allow the kids continue to enjoy pony club including learning how to care for our horses in all weathers (like breaking through the frozen water troughs) and of course build snow ponies and have snowball fights along the way. Our Great Dane ‘Ruby’ heads up the field to check on the horses too and make sure everyone is safe. Horse riding is an all weather sport and we only ever cancel when the weather is too bad to ride or the roads too hard to pass. We use our communication groups to let riders know if we do need to cancel (though this is rare)  We encourage all our riders and observers to wear warm waterproof clothing, given our location we advise everyone to assume is colder and wetter at HRS than their own home as we are so high up (better to remove layers than not have enough).

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