HRS Pony Clubs 2023

Our pony clubs are very very popular, if we are full when you enquire we do keep a waiting list and will contact you as soon as a space becomes available. message us here, contact us via facebook or call Ginny to secure a place.

We now have clubs on Tuesdays and Fridays let us know if you are interested in a place.

Pony clubs are an exciting place for children to learn about ponies. The environment we teach in is very friendly and very horse centred. The children learn feeding , care, rugging ponies, special needs of veteran ponies and so much more. When reaching competent stages the children are awarded rosettes and certificates to log progress and ability.

The clubs and lessons etc are all geared towards neurodiversity and neurotypical children. All our children are treated with love respect and care they deserve.

Most importantly the children are made aware that horses are sentient beings and as such are loved and their needs put first at all times.

Ring for more details or message through our contact section.


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